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We provide a variety of workshops and training sessions in a selection of locations mainly in London but occasionally elsewhere.

Subjects range from legal issues such as compliance and music licensing to Health & Safety and tax issues. We also cover technical topics such 3D production and filming with file based formats.

Online videos of some sessions are available on the site for members to view.

Most training events are free to members or heavily subsidised. Co-ordinators on the list are also able to access these sessions.

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Post Production Explained

Thursday 28th February 2019 From: 6.30-9pm

Venue O1Zero1, Hopkins Street, London W1F 0HS

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A guide to the modern post-production system

for both experienced and

inexperienced production people

Ever wondered what the terminology means?

Ever been too embarrassed to ask what might turn out to be a very basic question?

Ever thought that everyone knows more about this than you?

Thursday 28th February 2019

O1Zero1, Hopkins Street, London W1F 0HS

6.30pm refreshments for prompt 7pm start


With this session you can find out about things

you didn’t even know that you didn’t know!


Karen Smith and Chris Spearman from The Farm (see below) are running a workshop for the PMA specifically for the benefit of production staff.

This event is intended to look at the post-production aspect of programme making from a ‘production budget’ point of view considering all the cost, time and staffing implications.

This non-technical session will explain the common abbreviations and acronyms you are likely to encounter in post-production.

You will find out what questions you need to ask your post house before starting and what questions they will be asking you.

You will be taken through the process – the timeline from camera to broadcaster – looking at the workflow from media management on location, to delivery. Including back ups; labeling protocols; ingesting; editing; off line; on line; pre-grade; grade; storage; codecs; frame rates; formats; transfers; quality control; metadata; specs and deliverables. Common mistakes and trouble-shooting.

And as if that’s not enough, they will look at the cost implications of these aspects for example: How much more does that cost? Why do I need X instead of Y? Will that end up saving me money then? and how to properly understand the process before it starts.


£33 to everyone else, rsvp to to reserve your place

Payment in advance of event to secure your place

Sandwiches, wine and soft drinks provided.


Karen Smith - Group Operations Resources Manager

Karen has worked in Post Production for 26 years. 20 of these have been at The Farm.

Karen’s specific love and specialism is Fast Turnaround shows and specifically Live Music Multi Camera and Awards Shows. She has worked on films for Oasis, The White Stripes, Miley Cyrus, Led Zeppelin, Katy Perry to name a few. She enjoys training younger team members in the wonders of Post Production and likes to keep it simple, without bamboozling and too much technical talk.

Karen believes strongly that at the end of the day it is mostly about common sense and communication.

Karen has a huge love of swimming long distances in open water as often as possible.


Chris Spearman - Technical Operations Manager

Chris has been working in the industry for the last 10 years - many of those years resigned to dark machine rooms or windowless edit suites working on a wide range of productions from shiny floor entertainment, hard-hitting documentaries, scripted comedy and everything in between.

For the last 3 years, Chris has been a part of The Farm’s Operations team producing and managing bespoke post production workflows for their unscripted content as well as being across technical logistics and production support.

Always happy to be the middleman between Production and Post, he loves being involved with a new project as early as possible to ensure the correct groundwork of getting from A to Z is instigated from the start.

He also loves cats.

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PMA members benefit from the information and services that our sponsors can provide, while sponsors gain access to the upper echelon of Production Managers in the UK who are major purchasers for the industry.

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We only have one sponsor per area of business but occasionally opportunities to become a sponsor of the PMA do arise.

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