Joining the Recommended Junior Production Staff List

This lists people who are working in roles junior to Production Managers. i.e. Junior Production Managers, Production Co-ordinators and Production Secretaries. People on this list are NOT members of the PMA. Inclusion on this list is entirely at the discretion of the PMA. Junior Production Staff (JPS) apply for their grade and pay accordingly. This JPS list can ONLY be seen by PMA members and is NOT open to the public.

Junior Production Staff can put themselves on the availability list. They are entitled to all the free training, networking opportunities and events that we put on. Additionally they will receive the PMA magazine The Bottom Line, plus job opportunities that are circulated.

To be eligible for inclusion on the site, JPS need

  • To be recommended by a PMA member
  • Have a reference from one other person that have worked for in production
  • Have a minimum of 3 credits in production (in any capacity)

Their profile, including credits and contact details, will be listed for the PMA members to see but no aspect of this will be available to the general public.

There is an annual cost for JPMs and PCs, but Production Secretaries are free.  Renewal will be 1st July each year.


Each person will be able to list their ‘grade/position’ for each job.

Production Secretaries will be free until they achieve:

3 Production Co-ordinator credits when the annual fees is £70 which continues annually until they get

3 JPM credits when the annual fee becomes £120

If they have more than 3 PM credits they will no longer be eligible for this list and will need to apply for membership of the PMA.

On renewal, (1st July) people on the list will be invited to review their ‘status’, based on the above criteria and pay accordingly. CV’s can be uploaded to their profiles and credits added and details edited with their personal log in.

Non-payment of the annual administration fee within 4 weeks of the due date will mean automatic removal from the system.

Apply as a Junior Production Managers - £120

Apply to join as a Co-ordinators - £70

Apply as a Secretary - FREE

Our Sponsors

The PMA is sponsored by a variety of companies in the film and television industry. We have a long-standing relationship with many of them dating back to the PMA’s inception in 1991.

PMA members benefit from the information and services that our sponsors can provide, while sponsors gain access to the upper echelon of Production Managers in the UK who are major purchasers for the industry.

Become a sponsor

We only have one sponsor per area of business but occasionally opportunities to become a sponsor of the PMA do arise.

Sponsors get the chance to meet our members several times a year, host parties, explain their services and write for our magazine The Bottom Line.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact us.