PMA History

1987 - a small group of freelance Production Managers meets informally but regularly to share their work experiences and provide mutual support.

1991 - the PMA incorporates into an Association. Membership criteria: minimum of 2 years and 4 credits as a Production Manager.

1992 - the PMA publishes its first Directory of 43 members and posts out the first edition of its magazine, “The Bottom Line”, to members.

1992 - the "Availability List" is launched with the aim of giving members an opportunity to indicate their availability for work. The list has become very popular with both Producers and Production Companies looking for skilled Production Managers. 

1996 - membership criteria for the PMA are increased and all applicants must now have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and 6 UK credits as a Production Manager.

1996 - the PMA moves lock, stock and barrel to it’s current home at Ealing Studios in West London.

1997 - the website goes live! Members' details and the Availability List are accessible on line.

1997 - a ‘Supporting Member’ category is introduced for those members who are no longer Production Managers but who still, very much, want to be associated with the PMA.

1999 - an e-mail newsgroup within the PMA called “The Forum” is created giving members contact with each other and support, even in remote places.

1999 - there are enough sponsors and members to warrant an event each month to include networking events and training workshops.

2001 - the 10th Anniversary of the PMA is celebrated with a large party at BAFTA. “The Bottom Line” publishes its 50th edition. 

2002 - events and training are re-scheduled and parties are now held every 3 months with training events running separately – this proved an instant hit and started a new tradition of lively and very well attended evenings.

2005 - a new Production Co-ordinators list is introduced onto the Website for the first time to assist PMA members.

2006 - the 15th Anniversary of the PMA is celebrated with a huge party at the Freemasons Hall.

2007 - membership exceeds 200 for. The 16th and final hard copy edition of the Directory of Members is published as it had been replaced by the Website.

2007 - a new list of Production Accountants is added to the Website for members only.

2008 - the first PMA calendar is issued – a marketing idea to take the place of the Directory of Members.

2010 - in August the 100th edition of “The Bottom Line” is published.

2011 - the 20th Anniversary of the PMA is celebrated by a splendid party at the Freemasons Hall again.

2013 - the PMA launch their Facebook page and also open a Twitter account – you can now follow us @therealpma.

2014 - a new Website is launched now including a list for members of DIT’s and Data Wranglers – and the PMA is still going strong in it’s 23rd year…


Our Sponsors

The PMA is sponsored by a variety of companies in the film and television industry. We have a long-standing relationship with many of them dating back to the PMA’s inception in 1991.

PMA members benefit from the information and services that our sponsors can provide, while sponsors gain access to the upper echelon of Production Managers in the UK who are major purchasers for the industry.

Become a sponsor

We only have one sponsor per area of business but occasionally opportunities to become a sponsor of the PMA do arise.

Sponsors get the chance to meet our members several times a year, host parties, explain their services and write for our magazine The Bottom Line.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact us.