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Alamy hosts the world’s most inclusive content collection of archival, biographic, scene setting and special interest assets. Within the library there are  over 200 million creative and editorial stock photos, vectors, 360-degree images and 6 million video clips from individual photographers, content agencies and archives. Its global contributor base supplies upwards of 150,000 new images a day to the company's online platform.

Founded in 1999, Alamy was built on a vision to change the world of picture buying. The company has successfully developed technical expertise, expert customer service, strong supplier relations and a powerful brand story, to deliver a compelling proposition to the world's stock and archive content buyers.  With three global sales hubs; Alamy serves a global TV and Film production customer base, including BBC, Endemol Shine, Fremantle, Avalon, Netflix and Disney.

The company is also proudly supporting London Screen Academy in a partnership which sees expert teams educating students on the licensing and use of content within film and TV production, positioning Alamy as an integral partner in developing the next generation of talent for the sector.


Contacts: Niki Lewis, Business Development Manager, TV and Film  [email protected]    +44 (0)1235 844653.     
Rachel Wakefield, Head of Core Markets  [email protected]