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SetKeeper - Powering High End Productions 

SetKeeper is used on high-end drama productions for:

• Digital Crew Onboarding
• Watermarking & Distribution
• Sides
• Digital Docu-signing

SetKeeper can help your high-end, factual or entertainment production team to:

Collect Start Forms from Cast and Crew. Fill in/Send using phone/tablets
Export Start Form info to company templates for Deal Memos/Contracts generation
​Workflow: Approve or Reject, Signing and Counter-signing of Deal Memos
Access Rights control to sensitive Cast & Crew info
Export to payroll software, or export/print start forms and attached files (NDA's etc)
Watermarking & Distribution sensitive production information safely to Cast & Crew with delivery assurance analytics.
Create Sides from multiple script episodes with automatic script breakdown and Final Draft integration 

Contact: Alex Peron
Tel: +44 20 3936 5311