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SetKeeper - Powering High End Productions 

SetKeeper is used on high-end drama productions for:

• Digital Crew Onboarding
• Watermarking & Distribution
• Sides
• Digital Docu-signing

SetKeeper can help your high-end, factual or entertainment production team to:

Collect Start Forms from Cast and Crew. Fill in/Send using phone/tablets
Export Start Form info to company templates for Deal Memos/Contracts generation
​Workflow: Approve or Reject, Signing and Counter-signing of Deal Memos
Access Rights control to sensitive Cast & Crew info
Export to payroll software, or export/print start forms and attached files (NDA's etc)
Watermarking & Distribution sensitive production information safely to Cast & Crew with delivery assurance analytics.
Create Sides from multiple script episodes with automatic script breakdown and Final Draft integration 

SetKeeper is vetted by Warner Bros Entertainment, Sony Pictures EMEA, BBC Studios, ITV Studios, NENT Studios, Netflix and Amazon Studios.

Please get in touch with Barry to learn more or for a quick screen-sharing demo of SetKeepers' powerful production solutions. 

Contact: Barry Bichard
Tel: +44 20 3936 3335