PMA Pay Guide October 2020

The tables below show recommended going rates by genre as at October 2020.

These Rates approved by the PMA Exec Committee and are based on the membership’s input.  The PMA recommends that you use these figures as a guide for your own contract negotiations and of course when presenting budgets to broadcasters.

Rates are based on 5-day weeks.  Any additional days worked should be paid for on a pro-rata basis (or a day in lieu given).
All rates exclude holiday pay. 

We are pushing for parity in all departments.  For example, we strongly believe that Line Producers should be paid the same as Series Producers.   

Production Managers/Producer/Directors
Line Producers/Series Producers
Production Executives/Executive Producers

To that end we have come up with a suggested set of rates for our membership, the bottom line being that all our members should expect as professional production managers to be paid no less than £1,050 per week.


Prod Mng Line Producer Prod. Exec
1,250 – 1,550 + 1,400 – 1,650 1,550  - 1,800

Factual Ent

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,250 – 1,550  1,500 – 1,650  

Light Entertainment / Comedy

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,250 – 1,550  1,400 – 1,850  

Large Scale Reality (overseeing 150+ crew)

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,300 – 1,650  1,850  


Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,250 – 1,550 + 1,400 – 1,750  

Sport / OB

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,300 – 1,650    

Indie Feature

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,300 – 1,750 + 2,050 – 5,050  

TV Drama

Prod Mng Line Producer  
1,550 – 1,650 + 1,850 – 2,050 +  

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