Gabriela Carpenter Production Manager
30 September 2022
Gabriela Carpenter
Home telephone:
Mobile telephone: 07565620636

About me: Gabi Carpenter is a multi-skilled production manager with ten years of experience in television and advertising production.
During this time I have produced a wide range of content on studio and in location including magazine shows, factual, commercials and documentaries. I have managed productions in the UK and around the world in Europe (France, Spain and Germany), the US, Canada, Chile, Azerbaijan and Dubai, to name a few.
Excellent ability to multitask and prioritise jobs. Comfortable working independently as well as being part of a team.
Experienced managing small and medium-sized production departments.
Full drivers license, health and safety training, Covid-19 risk management training and on-set experience.

10 years experience.

Genre: Commercials, Documentary, Drama, Factual Entertainment, Light Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Multi camera Studio, Online Content, Outside Broadcasts, Reality

Additional skills: 4K, Archive, Covid Supervisor, Health And Safety, Negotiating a contract with a broadcaster

Other skills: I am experienced managing projects with several units across multiple countries. I’ve also secured visas for crew and talent and oversee technical specialised equipment purchases and equipment deliveries to those units.

Willing to be based in: London / South East, Newcastle / North East, Will consider any base

Languages: Proficient French, Fluent Spanish


Treasures of The World

Production company: Sandstone Global; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary, Factual Entertainment; Broadcaster: C4, BBC Wold News.

6-part documentary series with Professor Bettany Hughes. Finding inspiration from across history, Bettany explores household-name treasures and new finds from the past, to help us navigate the story of the world To draw lessons and light from the lives of others. And to capture all that in cinematic beauty.

My Policeman

Production company: Independent Film Company; On-screen credit: Production Coordinator; Programme type: Feature Films; Broadcaster: Amazon.

Based on the novel My Policeman written by Bethan Roberts. Featuring Harry Styles and Emma Corrin.

Inside Man

Production company: Hartswood Films; On-screen credit: Production Coordinator; Programme type: Drama; Broadcaster: Netflix, BBC One.

The captivating four-part mini-series follows a prisoner on death row in the US, a Vicar in a quiet English town, and a maths teacher trapped in a cellar, as they cross paths in the most unexpected way…


Production company: Unrd; On-screen credit: Producer and Director; Programme type: Drama, Dramality; Broadcaster: MTV (Viacom.

UNRD X MTV’S GHOSTED Immersive storytelling app UNRD teamed up with MTV to bring to life a fictional version of their TV show ‘Ghosted’. Go inside the phones of the Haunted and the Ghost in three thrilling mysteries.

The Last Days

Production company: Tannahill Productions; On-screen credit: Co-Producer; Programme type: Drama; Broadcaster: BBC, BFI.

BBC/BFI funded short film by writer and director Dipo Baruwa-Etti. Adjoa Andoh (BRIDGERTON) in the lead role and Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn (SMALL AXE) in the supporting role. Logline: In a near-future world where you can discover your Death Day, an apolitical teacher learns that she and many black people have been given incorrect dates and determines to get justice before her time runs out - that same day. The short spans that last day and is a powerful coming-of-age story for an older black British woman.

Maximum Pressure Documentary Series

Production company: Volant Media; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Iran International.

"Maximum Pressure" docuseries is an engrossing film about one of the most controversial ongoing US foreign policies towards the Iranian regime during Donald Trump’s presidency. The film is a chronicle of the US-Iran relations during Donald Trump’s presidency through the eyes of the opponents and supporters of the maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic. This documentary series reflects the opinion of the architects of Trump’s Iran policy and the advisors to the Obama administration and advocacy groups who contributed to the cause for more engagement with the Iranian regime and nuclear deal; the agreement that Donald Trump withdrew from and called it the "worst, most horrible and laughable deal".

20tech Show

Production company: Moonchik Media; On-screen credit: Associate producer; Programme type: Factual Entertainment.

20Tech is a weekly 30-minute weekly show about technology. The show covers tech-related news, investigative reportages, interviews and scientific stories. While working at this show my tasks where researching stories, writing scrips, organising and directing shoots, booking crew and talent, processing visa applications and making travel arrangements.

Gogglebox Persia

Production company: ManotoTV; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Light Entertainment.

Manoto TV licensed to All3Media’s Gogglebox to produce a Persian version (BevinTV). My role as a production manager was besides budgeting, crewing and organising casting and making travel arrangements was to implement a shoot and post-production workflow. Setting up shoot schedules and rushes deliveries over various units around the world. Working closely with the broadcast technical team to purchase the equipment for the project, implement an editing schedule and rushes management.

Come Dine With Me

Production company: ManotoTV; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Light Entertainment.

Manoto TV licensed Come Dine with Me to produce a Persian version of the show My role as a production manager was budgeting, crewing and organising casting and making travel arrangements as well as oversee the post-production process up to delivery.

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