Natascha F V Mcqueen Line Producer
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Natascha F V Mcqueen

About me: A highly experienced media professional with over 30 years in the industry with credits for all major broadcasters including the BBC, Discovery, CNN, NatGeo, SKY, C4 and ITV - across every genre from Documentary, Live Events, Features, News and Entertainment programming.

Natascha has worked on a wide range of high profile projects as Line Producer, Production Executive, Executive Producer and HoP as well as TV Consultant for new channels.

32 years experience.

Genre: Corporate, Current Affairs, Documentary, Factual Entertainment, Light Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Multi camera Studio, News, Observational Documentary, Outside Broadcasts

Additional skills: Archive, File Based Formats, First Aid, Health And Safety, Negotiating a contract with a broadcaster

Overseas experience in: Australia, Botswana, Canada, Cook Islands, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Montserrat, New Zealand, Oman, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Tanzania, United States of America.

At the moment I'm working at: QITV Ltd.

Languages: Basic French, Good Italian



Production company: QITV Ltd.; On-screen credit: Head of Production, Line Producer; Programme type: Animation, Comedy, Current Affairs, Documentary, Factual Entertainment, Multi camera Studio, News; Broadcaster: Various.

Charged to extend the QI Brand into new territories (such as the USA, India and China) and related formats including television, print and podcasts. Line Producer on ‘The Tournament’ 25 x 45mins of a new quiz show for BBC1. Supervised the tendering&production process and managed team of 200+ over 10 months from winning Commission to delivery/transmission. Re-commissioned for longer Series2 run in 2022. Producer – ‘The Interesting Channel’ on YouTube. Producer – ‘No Such Thing As A Fish; Behind the Gills’ a 4-part documentary series following their UK Tour for release globally on iTunes/Amazon and Google. Line Producer on “No Such Thing As The News” 14 x 30mins for BBC2 An addictively larky, charming and fresh new way of delivering weekly news, guaranteed to be the only news bulletin in the world to make you feel better afterwards!

World War Three: Inside the War Room

Production company: In-House; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary, Drama, Drama Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC 2.

For the first time, we filmed a major war game with some of Britain’s most senior military, political and diplomatic figures. The war game was filmed over several hours in a single sitting, using concealed cameras in a purpose built set in a secure location in Central London. The scenarios were developed over many months of research to examine a hypothetical ‘hot war’ in Eastern Europe, including the unthinkable – nuclear confrontation. The drama re-construction was filmed in Lithuania with hundreds of extras, key actors, stuntmen and controlled weapons & explosives to bring the consequences of the war room’s decisions to life.

The Victoria Derbyshire Programme

Production company: BBC News and Current Affairs; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Current Affairs, Multi camera Studio, News; Broadcaster: BBC.

A daily 2-hour LIVE news programme with studio discussions, original film production and live OB debates around the UK on current affairs, topical politics and headline stories. Broadcast on BBC2, BBC News and Online simultaneously every weekday morning between 9-11am.

Inside the Vatican's Vault

Production company: RAW TV Ltd.; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery Networks.

In association with Lux Vide S.p.A. based in Rome for 6 months to oversee delicate access and contract negotiations for complex series about life at the Vatican with the permission of His Holiness, Pope Francis.


Production company: BBC; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC.

A landmark 1 x 90’ documentary feature for BBC2, NatGeo, BBCWW and cinematic release winning an EMMY for outstanding Science&Technology programme in 2013. Hands-on senior production role in a small team on a high risk, technically challenging project over 4 years requiring editorial flexibility and complex scheduling on tight budget demands. Multi-camera operation in extreme conditions following Felix Baumgartner’s historic leap from the edge of space. Watched by a record-breaking 8 million on YouTube.


Production company: Rockabox Media; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: UKTV.

Supervision, financing and production of all the company’s online digital campaigns using cutting-edge technology such as ‘Shutters’ for News International, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Samsung, Tesco RealFood and Santander. Original TV programming credits include First Homes (15 x 30’ for prime time UKTV), Liv for Gossip (26 x 30’ for LivingTV) Daily + Weekly celebrity programming & Online streaming content for

The Oscars, Nothing but the Truth, Variety Club Awards, Paranormal Egypt

Production company: RuggieMedia Ltd.; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Factual Entertainment, Light Entertainment, Multi camera Studio, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: Sky.

Responsible for the production of 150 hours of entertainment and factual programming per year with additional credits as Line Producer on The 80th Academy Awards 2008 (1 x 90’ for Sky 1, 2 & 3), Nothing But the Truth hosted by Jerry Springer (2 series - 8 x 60’ for Sky 1), and Executive Producer on The Variety Club Showbiz Awards 2007 (1 x 90’ for Sky 1).


Production company: In-House; On-screen credit: Head of Feature Programmes; Programme type: Current Affairs, Factual Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, News; Broadcaster: Sky Italia.

Launch of the Sky platform of 103 new channels and part of international management team. From conception to transmission on current affairs, art&culture, chat shows and special interest. Responsible for budgets, production and commissioning of independents. All output in italian. Winner of La Ginestra DOro - Journalist of the Year 2003.


Production company: ARTV Ltd.; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Current Affairs, Documentary, Magazine Programmes; Broadcaster: CNN International.

ARTV Ltd. - CNN International 2 x weekly 30 minute feature programmes highlighting the best of arts & culture, destination & vacations, filmed in a different city around the world each week for 5 years.


Production company: Antelope South - ITV; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Factual Entertainment, Magazine Programmes; Broadcaster: ITV.

A series of 32 single subject half-hour documentaries and review programmes covering all aspects of the arts.


Production company: Black & Blond Ltd.; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Light Entertainment; Broadcaster: Channel 4.

Primetime weekly LIVE celebrity chat show. Plus 1 hour special with David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc appearing together for the first time on British TV - "Gaby and Friends".


Cable Network Responsible for all filming outside Canary Wharf Studio via OB/ENG coverage to make up 14 hours of live programming a day.


Production company: Evolutions TV Ltd; On-screen credit: Location Producer; Programme type: Current Affairs, Multi camera Studio, News, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: ITN.

Evolutions Television for all worldwide television news broadcasters. Location Producer of all live host broadcaster coverage for NATO Summits, G7 Summit, European Summits, VJ-Day Commemorations, D-Day Celebrations and VE-Day Celebrations.

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