Tina Lohmann Production Manager
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Tina Lohmann

About me: I am a hard-working, dedicated Production Manager and Head of Production with a proven track record of keeping programmes within budget and on schedule. I started as a staff PM at Mentorn Media and went freelance in 2011 working mainly in Factual and Observational Documentaries. In July 2019 I became Head of Production for Raw Cut and their sister company, Tomos TV in Cardiff.

14 years experience.

Genre: Current Affairs, Documentary, Factual Entertainment, Observational Documentary

Additional skills: Archive, Negotiating a contract with a broadcaster

Other skills: Extensive experience in high volume, lower budget programmes and very good knowledge of post-production, having spent most of my career working with in-house facilities.

Willing to be based in: London / South East

Languages: fluent English


Police Interceptors (series 18)

Production company: Raw Cut PI Ltd; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: Channel 5.

Long-running police documentary series following officers in Nottinghamshire Police.

Defenders Uk (series 3)

Production company: Tomos TV; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC One.

Series that showcases a range of National and Local agencies whose primary objective is to keep us safe from the unscrupulous traders, cheats, scammers and con men who put us all at risk.

Panorama: The Million Pound Disability Payout

Production company: Raw Cut Television; On-screen credit: Head of Production; Programme type: Current Affairs; Broadcaster: BBC One.

Presenter-led documentary that investigates why the DWP has paid its own employees nearly a million pounds of public money in both tribunal pay-outs and out-of-court settlements.

Cops Uk: Bodycam Squad

Production company: Raw Cut Television; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: UKTV (Really/Dave).

Series following officers using their own personal bodyworn cameras which gives viewers a visceral first-hand experience of what its really like to police the streets in modern day Britain.

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