Jo Mary Killingley Production Manager
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Jo Mary Killingley

About me: I run a small award winning children’s production company called Dot To Dot Productions. We have made programmes for CBBC’s, CBeebies, Nick Junior, CiTV, Channel 5, S4C and Disney Junior. I work as both a Production Manager and Executive Producer on the productions taking them from concept, design, budget, scheduling, filming to delivery.

19 years experience.

Genre: Childrens

Additional skills: EP Budgeting, EP Scheduling, Health And Safety, Negotiating a contract with a broadcaster

Other skills: Trade Marking, negotiating with broadcasters in Europe and America, liaising with distributors, setting up deals with licensing merchandising and publishing partners, formulating funding for animation series, setting up training for Skillset, filling out the forms and over seeing Media Europe funding, preparing budgets, schedules and cost reports.

Willing to be based in: London / South East

Languages: English


Big Cook Little Cook

Production company: Top TV Productions Ltd; On-screen credit: Devised and Executive Produced; Programme type: Childrens, Multi camera Studio, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: CBeebies.

100 x 20’ - Pre-school cookery series Big Cook Little Cook is a cookery programme for a young audience, presented by a Big Cook called Ben and a Little Cook called Small who run their own cafe. It’s a comical concoction of sugar and spice, fruit and veg, bread and rice - an educational journey of discovery.

Get Squiggling

Production company: Dot To Dot Productions Ltd; On-screen credit: Devised and Executive Produced; Programme type: Animation, Childrens, Multi camera Studio; Broadcaster: CBeebies.

50 x 15’ - Pre-school art series Squiglet is a friendly monster who lives in a white world – however, it doesn’t stay white for long. With the help of his Squiggle Pad (paper) and Squiggle Sticks (pencils), Squiglet shows the audience how to draw magical characters which leap off the page and come to life!

Fun With Claude

Production company: Dot To Dot/ Red and Blue Productions Ltd; On-screen credit: Executive Producer; Programme type: Animation, Childrens; Broadcaster: Disney UK.

52 x 7’ - Pre-school animation Based on the books by award-winning illustrator David Wojtowycz, FUN WITH CLAUDE follows the adventures of a cute, cuddly and inquisitive three-year-old polar bear. Claude and his family have left their icy Arctic home in Snowington and moved somewhere that’s quite the opposite - the sunny and bustling town of Bearhampton. With the help of his new friend and next door neighbour Boris, Claude takes little ’paw steps’ into understanding and discovering the wonderful world around him.

Totally Rubbish

Production company: Dot To Dot Productions; On-screen credit: Devised & Executive Produced; Programme type: Childrens, Factual Entertainment, Multi camera Studio, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: CBBC.

10 x 30’ - Art Series TOTALLY RUBBISH is an art show where Michelle Ackerley and Nigel Clarke turn useless rubbish into amazing, useful stuff! Viewers will be encouraged to see the things they might normally throw away not as rubbish but as a potential piece of art, the solution to a problem or as something that’s simply beautiful! In each episode we show you great ways to prank your mates, solve someone’s recycling dilemma, meet extraordinary artists who use recycling in their work, create ‘Something For Nothing’ from a bin bag full of rubbish and see mini Nigel and Michelle conjure up a ‘Mini Make’ – something simple out of the things they have lying around. Each episode also features our naughty animated graffiti vermin who create chaos, and our ‘Totally Famous’ artists who let us take a peek into their colourful lives. We end the show with a bang as we get to work ‘big scale’, with masterpieces on sand, in museums, junkyards and even cafes!

Footy Pups

Production company: Dot To Dot/ Footy Pups Productions Ltd; On-screen credit: Devised and Executive Produced; Programme type: Animation, Childrens, Factual Entertainment, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: CBeebies.

60 x 15’ - Mix of live action and animation "You’ll play like a dream, when you work as a team" Rachel Yankey OBE and one of England’s most capped footballers, joins forces with the best-known voice in football, John Motson, and some energetic young helpers for Footy Pups. In each episode a group of children learn a new skill from Rachel, then follow the pups on an animated adventure where they put their newfound skill into practice, competing in an animal league against rival teams including the hippos of ’Potamus Hotspur’, the cheetahs of ’Spottingham Forest’ and the piggies of ’Snouthampton FC’.

Art Ninja

Production company: Dot To Dot Productions ; On-screen credit: Devised and Executive Produced; Programme type: Childrens, Light Entertainment, Multi camera Studio, Outside Broadcasts; Broadcaster: CBBC .

30 x 30’ - Art Series Now in it’s 5th series, the ART NINJA is an expert animator, with mind-boggling drawing and painting skills, whose mission is to teach you his secrets and get you creating your own art. Some people know him as Ricky; we know him as the ART NINJA.

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