Edward Rastelli-lewis Production Manager
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Edward Rastelli-lewis

About me: I am an experienced independent Production Manager/ High end Drama Production Co-Ordinator. Over the past 5 years I have worked with a variety of budgets shooting all over the world in different styles and genres.

7 years experience.

Genre: Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Drama Documentary, Feature Films

Additional skills: 16mm or 35mm, EP Budgeting, EP Scheduling, File Based Formats, First Aid, Health And Safety, Underwater Filming

Other skills: The area’s I have gained the most experience are:
Dealing with unions such as DGA, WGA, SAG, PACT/Equity,
Period drama’s,
Filming with Animals & Children and the relevant paperwork surrounding both areas (AHA/Licenses)
Complicated and challenging accommodation moves,
Fast turn around,
Cast/Agent liaison and contracting,
Crew Hiring,
Equipment Rental.

At the moment I'm working at: Will - Season 1

Willing to be based in: Will consider any base

Languages: Natural English



Production company: TNT/TBS; On-screen credit: Production Co-Ordinator; Programme type: Drama; Broadcaster: Sky.

The show is a 10 parter, each episode running for an hour. We shot for a total of 126 shoot days with the main unit and then double banked for 40 days with a second main unit. My duties on this project was handling the day to day running of the production office which included some of the following duties: Cast/Agent liaison and contracting, Daily crew hiring, Medic/Fire cover scheduling, Accommodation & Travel sign off, Payroll sign off, DGA/SAG/WGA Daily & Weekly paperwork, Visa’s, Child Licenses, Clearences, Loss & Damage /Accident reporting Amongst other duties.

Fanny Lye Deliver'd

Production company: Fiery Flying Films; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Feature Films.

A BFI/Creative England period feature film which shot in Shropshire and starred Charles Dance & Maxine Peake. My duties included arranging children licenses, contracts, hiring of crew, equipment rental, cash management, sourcing unique animals and then handling the daily running of the unit.

The Black Prince

Production company: MDS Films; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Feature Films.

A Hollywood/Bollywood period feature film produced by Brillstein Entertainment which shot across the UK over a period of 8 months. My main duties were but not limited to budgeting, scheduling, cashflow break downs, contracts, crewing and running the unit.

A.k.a Nadia

Production company: One Eyed Dog/ 2Team Productions. ; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Feature Films.

A Israeli coproduction which starred John Hurt. The feature film won the critic award at the Jerusalem Film Festival . My main duties were liaising and facilitating the Isareli production and then working with them to budget, schedule, create contracts, crew the production and run the unit.

The Caravan

Production company: Uprising Features; On-screen credit: Producer; Programme type: Feature Films.

An independent feature film which I produced which starred Shirley Henderson and Jim Cartwright. The film reached it peak in the iTunes film chart at position number 2. I was responsible for budgeting, crewing, scheduling, casting and developing the project. I also took the project all the way from development to distribution and experienced raising the finance and selling the film.

Arthur & Merlin

Production company: Myrrdin Ltd; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Feature Films.

A medieval independent feature film which shot in Sheffield in 2014. I was brought on the production to help with the prep and help to organising and co-ordinator the complicated logistics of the shoot in quite challenging locations usually often the beaten track.

Piercing Brightness

Production company: UBIK Ltd; On-screen credit: Unit - Production Manager; Programme type: Feature Films.

A SCI-FI art house film which shot in Preston, the film was released in independent cinemas. My duties on this film where handling all location agreements, crew agreements and being the local liaison with all local facilities and location whilst assisting running the unit.

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