Ann Hampsey LP/UM/PM
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Ann Hampsey
Mobile telephone: 07971 410 338

About me: I am a highly experienced Line Producer /PM/Unit Manager with knowledge of all aspects of production including: negotiating contracts and budgets, forecasting expenditure, managing small and large budgets, cash flows, scheduling, insurance, legal and compliance issues, plus a good knowledge of health and safety issues, with a good reputation for bringing productions in on time and within budget.
Genre: Documentaries, Drama, Light Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Current Affairs, Reality, Ob Doc, Children and Drama Documentary, Multi Camera Filming. Commercials, and Corporate

16 years experience.

Genre: Childrens, Commercials, Corporate, Current Affairs, Drama Documentary, Light Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Multi camera Studio, Observational Documentary, Reality

Other skills: Working knowledge of filming (4k, and file based ), Archive clearance, 3D, CGI Video FX, Extreme Filming Geographical, American Payroll, PMI and Excel.

Overseas experience in: Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Canada, Colombia, France, Iceland, India, Israel, Mexico, Montserrat, Russian Federation, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America.


Born Mucky

Production company: CTVC ltd; On-screen credit: Line Producer ; Programme type: Documentary, Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery - Quest .

10 x 60 Ob-Doc series follows three young, farmers across the UK. Filming from spring to autumn capturing the trials and tribulations of running a farm in the 21st century, striving to keep their businesses running until the next season.

South Bank Show

Production company: Directors Cut Productions; On-screen credit: LP; Programme type: Magazine Programmes; Broadcaster: Sky Arts .

1 x 60 minute - South Bank Show. Supporting PM on permissions and rights for the final arts programme. 12 days worked over 2 months on the show.

Mysteries of the Missing

Production company: Wall to Wall TV ; On-screen credit: Line Producer ; Programme type: Drama Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery Science US.

8 x 60 min doc on finding the truth or new information to solve old and recent disasters, from the Bermuda Triangle, Escape from Alcatraz, to modern day plane disappearances. Contained, Presenter, studio, interviews, drama-recon and archive.

White Water Gold

Production company: Raw TV; On-screen credit: Line Producer ; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery US.

9 x 60 min Ob docs, filmed in Alaska in extreme environments. Major H&S issues with wild animals, setting up in remote locations, zip wire and diving in white water, with short schedule and extreme weather. US payroll,

The Instant Gardener

Production company: 12 Yard Productions; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Light Entertainment; Broadcaster: BBC 1- Daytime.

10 x 45 minute BBC1 daytime shows with presenter Helen Skelton and gardener Danny Clarke, following them re-inventing gardens around Britain in a day. Fast turnaround filming of 10 shows in 5 weeks . 2 weeks edits and delivery in 13 weeks

X-Ray Mega Airport

Production company: Voltage TV; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery.

5 x 60 minute documentary follows the day to day activities of a busy international airport. Using revolutionary CGI techniques Lidar scanning, slow motion, time lapse, heat cameras, and eye scanning techniques. Shot on F800, F55, go-pros working with a tapeless workflow system. Negotiating access to all departments within the airport from the baggage system, to filming pilots in the cockpits. Negotiating, with all departments to gain access and backed-up with contracts and deadlines to keep within schedule.

Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off

Production company: Burning Bright Productions ; On-screen credit: Post Production Manager; Programme type: Light Entertainment; Broadcaster: ITV.

2 x 1 hour show with Billy Connolly following him on his journey to see how people deal with death, from London, Detroit, Austin and Mexico. Shot tapeless.

The Manners Behind Downton Abbey

Production company: Chocolate Media; On-screen credit: Production Manager ; Programme type: Light Entertainment; Broadcaster: PBS.

1 x 60 minute documentary, with archive and interviews. On the manners and etiquette behind Downton Abbey.

Extreme Car Hoarders

Production company: Nerd TV; On-screen credit: Line producer; Programme type: Documentary, Reality; Broadcaster: Discovery UK/US.

6 x 1 hours. Filmed in US with multicamera shoots on car fabrication series set in California. Set-up of garages. Using US and UK crews. tight schedule and budget. Set up of US payroll, garages and office in San Diego.

Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design

Production company: Darlow Smithson; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery.

3x60 minutes Following on from the ground-breaking first series, an event that generated global news coverage, series 2 pushes the boundaries of science TV yet again. ‘The Grand Design’ will propel the viewer back into the mind of the world’s greatest living scientist. Filmed on the Red and Alexa cameras, Filming story lines for all programmes simultaneously, with reconstruction Drama and major CGI scenes throughout the entire sereis working with various CGI house to be able to hit delivery schedule.


Production company: Darlow Smithson; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: NOVA.

2 x 1 hour programmes, commissioned to tie in with NASA’s ’Year of the Solar System’, launched in October 2010. The idea is to showcase the most incredible new discoveries emerging through probes, telescopes, laboratories and field work around the world. We will tap into the revolution currently happening in planetary sciences, which is completely transforming our understanding of the Solar System. This combined with amazing state of the art CGI showing you the univers as you have never seen it before.


Production company: Raw TV; On-screen credit: Production Manager; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC.

Managing 2 projects simultaneously. A BBC New strand called Fresh for New Directors. Each Director films a one hour ob doc on Z7 and then have a six week edit. Setting up the 2nd series of Neighbourhood Watch in, Manchester, where we follow 2 Housing Associations on their daily routine of dealing with tenants that live on the estates they run.


Production company: Outline Productions; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Channel 4.

6 x one hours with Jo Frost aka(supernanny). Jo travels around the country to help parents with children that have sleep, food, body image problems. We also organised multi camera shoots with over a 100 children in some of the six demonstrations that delt with computer games, body image, exercise, overeating etc.


Production company: Mentorn Media; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Reality; Broadcaster: Sky 1.

1 hour programme following the boxer Ricky Hatton at home with his family. Shot on Sony EX1 tapeless camera. Also re-cut with extra footage of Homecoming fight of Ricky in Manchester with a turnaround of 2 days before transmission


Production company: Darlow Smithson; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Nat Geo.

The series consisted of 13 x 60 minute that incorporated, interviewees, reconstruction drama, CGI, archive. Shot around the world on subjects such as the Russian Theatre Siege, Entebbe, Taliban, Pablo Escobar, Apollo and many more. All shot on HD with 5.1 sound.


Production company: Darlow Smithson; On-screen credit: Line Producer; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: Discovery US.

6 x 1 hours following our Presenter Josh Bernstein in finding lost tribes in Peru and missing gold in Timbuktu. Filmed around the world on HD


2006-2006 Production Executive – IWC Media Hiring and supervising Production Managers. Ensuring that any commissioned developments are negotiated contracted and delivered on time. Building working relationships with commissioning broadcasters and ensuring reporting deadlines are met. Creating budgets for co-productions as well as broadcast ideas, setting up cost managers. Providing support and expertise to the Production Managers, reporting accurate projections of under and over spends in consultation with Production Managers and reporting to the Head of Production with any information that you feel should be know regarding the productions


Talkback/C4 /C5 UNIT MANAGER 1 x 120 minute documentary Follwoing the Booker Prize winner DBC Pierre on a road trip to find the last resting place of the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma. 4weeks shooting in Mexico. Also supervising junior PM and working on budgets and schedules for Charles Furneaux in the Documentary department. Production Manager 6 x 60 minute Teen Expert confronts your worse teen nighmare and makes a difference with their behaviour problems.


Granada Factual Production Manager London/ITV2 8 x 1 hrs. Actuality series revealling how to bridge the gap between parents and teenagers with the help of our Teen Life Coach.


C4/Seneca Productions Production Manager 1 x 60 min doc presented and written by Alain de Botton based on his book The Art of Travel. A guide of how to travel and enquire knowledge along the way. Filming around the world


C4/Mentorn Production Manager 7 x 30 minute current affairs series on topical events that have a 7 week turnaround


Bravo/W2W Unit Manager 13 x 1 hours Setting up the Wall to Wall Inc Company in New York for 5 months. Organising office space, phones, IT systems, payroll and starting a new company from the beginning. At the same time as setting up the "Things I Hate about You" production. Where couples secretly filming their partner doing the things they hate about each other and then a panel of presenter and jury reveal who has the worst habits. Looking after a large team.


Tiger Aspect /BBC3 Production Manager 3 x 1 hour entertainment programmes following Jerry Hall through India, London and the US to find herself a Guru and help her to find her spiritual path.


C4/Diverse TV Production Manager 1x 50 minute unauthorised documentary on Michael Caine for C4


C4/Diverse TV Production Manager 3x 50 min doc on inter-racial relationships dating back from slavery to modern day, with re-construction drama.


Discovery Europe/W2W Production Manager 1 x 50min documentary on Muslims living in America after the September 11th bombings. 7 week turnaround.


Channel4/W2W Production Manager 6 x 30mins documentaries on extinct animals filmed around the world. Each programme re-created the animal with 3D computer graphics and animatronics whilst also tellng the story with reconstructed drama sequences.


Carlton/Bazal production Manager 22 x 30mins. fly on the wall documentaries featuring the staff and patients at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Victoria. Also transmitting half-way through shooting.


Discovery Europe/W2W Production Manager 90 x 30mins programmes covering five series. Setting up and scheduling for 90 programmes plus filming two serise simultaneously. 21 x 30mins. on Sunday League football using multi-camera PDI50s and 15 x 30 mins looking at unusual buildings - shot by director.

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