Trevor Lopez De Vergara Head Of Production
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About me: I am an experienced Production Manager, LP & EP who has successfully managed a variety of challenging shoots across the globe, both on location and from UK base. I am a committed team player able to work collaboratively to consistently deliver high editorial ambition. With a proven track record of delivering productions on time and in budget, I am confident in running both single and multiple productions simultaneously. I remain calm under pressure, always maintaining a productive and professional approach.

17 years experience.

Genre: Current Affairs, Documentary, Factual Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Observational Documentary, Online Content

Additional skills: Archive, Extreme Filming Geographical, Extreme Filming Political, File Based Formats, First Aid, Health And Safety, Underwater Filming

Willing to be based in: London / South East


Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

Production company: KEO films; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER; Programme type: Current Affairs, Documentary, Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC2.

Documents the journeys of people trying to reach the safety of Britain and other countries in Europe. From families forced to flee war and persecution, to economic migrants searching for a more prosperous life, the series will feature the journeys of over 70 people filmed in 26 countries. We gave camera phones to migrants so they could capture some of the most perilous parts of their journeys that couldn’t otherwise be filmed, resulting in a series which offers a unique and extremely personal insight into the largest period of migration in Europe since the Second World War.

Hugh’s War On Waste

Production company: KEO FILMS ; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC1.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall aim’s to discover what happens to our rubbish and why supermarkets throw away tonnes of fresh food every year. The fashion industry will also come under the microscope as he campaigns for change

Ed Stafford: Into The Unknown

Production company: KEO FILMS ; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER ; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: DISCOVERY .

Ed Stafford is on a mission to investigate the planet’s newest mysteries. With photographs of Earth - taken by spy satellites and the International Space Station - showing strange and unexplained markings in some of the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet, Ed sets out to find the target, and solve the riddle.

Excluded: Kicked Out Of School

Production company: KEO FILMS ; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER ; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC1.

This landmark Ob-doc shed light on the various aspects of some of the young people’s experiences as learners within TBAP schools, with a focus on The Bridge AP Academy. Challenging the perceptions of young people who have been excluded or moved from mainstream schools, and to give a voice to those who are often marginalised in society.

I Bought A Rainforest

Production company: KEO FILMS ; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER ; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: BBC2.

Few people here in Britain really know that much about rainforests, and fewer still will ever visit one in their lifetime. But wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton-James is obsessed with them. He’s convinced they’re places of wonder, danger and incredible mystery. Charlie’s so obsessed with rainforests that he’s just bought one, without even seeing it first. All that he knows is that it’s a tropical paradise somewhere in the Western Amazon basin.

Hugh’s Fish Fight: Save Our Seas

Production company: KEO FILMS; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER ; Programme type: Documentary; Broadcaster: CHANNEL4.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launches his new Fish Fight - to create more Marine Protected Areas in our seas. 

The fight goes global - to Antarctica, the Philippines and Thailand. 

And back home he’s rousing the army of Fish Fighters to put pressure on supermarkets and the government to help Save Our Seas.

The Enforcers

Production company: KEO FILMS; On-screen credit: PRODUCTION MANAGER; Programme type: Observational Documentary; Broadcaster: ITV1.

BAFTA award winning film maker Lee Phillips (Aylesbury, Coppers) follows the work of some of Britain’s busiest High Court Enforcement officers. HCE officers are at the sharp end of the legal process that sees unwanted tenants evicted from homes, offices and squats

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